The Notebook vs. The Garage

As you can see, I'm all "Ms. Organization" this week. What the hell is wrong with me that I think it's ok to work like this? (Don't comment on that one, Mom.) At some point, I'll get really sick of the mess and clean/organize it all but only when I feel like I'm not drowning in orders that need to be done by the end of the week. There's some irony for ya! I would probably be faster and get more done if it were organized but I just can't be bothered right now.

Today, I'd planned to build two boxes, cut out parts for a chair, poly an almost finished toy box, and run to the hardware store for supplies while my kids and hubby were off at a friend's house. Ms. Organization managed to build 3/4 of one box and partially poly a toy box. The rest of the time was spent reading the paper, checking email, and sitting on the couch watching the movie, The Notebook cuz I'm a hopeless romantic when I'm not wielding power tools and jig saws. God, how I love that movie. Anyhow, back to me not making furniture.

Tomorrow, I vow to build furniture until my hands bleed (or until I can sneak back in while everyone's gone and watch only the really sexy-romantic parts of The Notebook on Tivo. Don't pretend you don't know what those good parts are cuz I know you do:)


Vacation Photos That Have Nothing to Do with Wood

I realize these really have nothing to do with the title of my blog but what the hell! We had a great time in San Diego. I really enjoyed not lifting a hammer for 4 whole days!!! As you might have guessed, 1/2 a day back and I already have dried green paint covering my hands -- and went that way to the Olive Garden tonight because when you're there, you're family.

My sweet, handsome son. How did he get to be almost 10 already? And almost taller than me. (Not really, that's a lie, but he's very tall for almost 10.)

I LOVE this pic of Little G and Scott! She's such a freeloader always hitching a ride on Daddy's shoulders.

During a round of quarters. (you know I'm kidding, right? The girl can't get enough root beer.)

I won't even pretend that I got in that freezing cold ocean too. Mom of the Year cheered from the sidelines with two cover-ups and an US Magazine.

You're scared, aren't you? Tatoos, kung fu, swimming goggles. The chick is hard core.

Gracie Toy Box in Birch

Before we took San Diego by storm, I finished and delivered this lovely all-birch Gracie Toy Box. Just wanted to share because I think it's lovely. It's the first time I've been asked to build one and keep it in its natural birchness (that's really not a word, is it?).


I forced myself to shower and shave because....

....we're on vacation!

Sorry I've been absent from blogging for a few days. I think I forgot to mention we took advantage of a mini-vacation with the kids down in San Diego. We're enjoying the time away from wood, work, cleaning, all of it. I'll be back to my wood-workin' ways at the end of the week. In the meantime, rest assured that I'm far from a table saw floating in a pool in San Diego whilst drinking something with one of those paper umbrellas in it. :)


Day of Beauty

I've been knee-deep in furniture construction over the past few days but yesterday, at the insistance of my friends and husband, I had a "day of beauty." So basically, that means that I was in desperate need of a hair cut/color job and on a whim, after running to the hardware store, I stopped by a salon and asked if they could get me in. They did, I'm blond, and my hair is shorter than I wanted. Why does that happen? I said trim, she thought major layer. It's a good cut and it'll grow but SHEESH! I always get suckered into getting it cut shorter than I want.

After the salon, I headed to a place I never thought I'd enter. A tanning salon that has a Mystic Tan booth (spray tan so no harmful UV rays). We're heading away for a few days on Sunday and the thought of blinding everyone with my white skin (farmer's tan, really) at the resort was not coinciding with my feel-good vacation plans. I'm tan people! My legs may not be shaved but I'm TAN!

Sadly, since I couldn't get my feet wet for 4-6 hours after the spray tan, the pedicure I'd planned fell off my day of beauty agenda. So as usual, I'm not 100% put together. Shocking, isn't?

Goodbye day of beauty, hello day of sawdust!


Kung Fu Father's Day!

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting...da a na na na na is playing over and over again in my head. While we LOVED Kung Fu Panda (saw it today with the fam), I fear I'll never get that out of my head. And when I do, one of the kids will walk by me singing it. There's no escape from the Kung Fu song on this here Father's Day.

Speaking of, I want to wish a Happy Father's Day to my wonderful father, Barry Parsons, who is enjoying his Father's Day in Defiance, Ohio. I believe steaks and lawn mowing were involved so it'll be a good day! He's such an amazing father and really such an inspiration to me. I've written about him before so I won't go on too much but I wanted to give a shout out to him and say, "welcome to the gun show." :)

And to my husband, thank you. Thanks for always being so supportive, involved, and patient with all of us. I know it can't be easy sometimes. All three of us feel so lucky to have you at our side. As my gift to you, I offer the standard fare of hugs, back rubs, gourmet dinners, and "unmentionables", in addition to my pledge to play more and work less. And when I'm playing, I'll be make an extra effort to do it with my toe nails painted. : ) Yes, I really did just write that. I may even get them done professionally. Or maybe I'll save that gift for Christmas. That's really a biggee, isn't it! Skadoosh!!!


The Bertie Gets A Mention on Domino Magazine's Online Gallery

Holly Becker of Decor8 recently put together a gallery of her favorite furniture finds on Etsy and she was kind enough to include on of my pieces!

Check it out when you have a moment by clicking this link. The her furniture finds on Etsy are incredible! Really, such great stuff!!!!

Thanks, Holly!


School's Out!

YEAH! School's out!!! WHOOHOOO!

On second thought, SHIT.....school's out! How do I cut wood, run a business and do wonderfully engaging, fun (sometimes educational) things with my kids? I know lots of work-from-home parents go through this but sometimes I get so frustrated trying do good on all fronts, I just become paralyzed and really freakin' annoyed.

But not this year! I'm going into it with a positive outlook and a good life perspective. I'm planning on not getting annoyed when Grace whines from her pool raft that she never does anything fun as I'm cutting wood under the patio overhang in 104 degree weather so I can watch them swim in the pool with their friends and have a boatload of FUN.

Dammit, this summer will be fun AND productive, so help me. Or else.


Free wood on my lawn!!

Biscuit joiners, eco-friendly wood, slow-closing lid support...AHHH!!! If someone would've told me in the beginning how complicated making furniture could get, I would've gone into knitting. No that's a lie. I can't knit worth a damn and have trouble concentrating on which line I'm on when Grey's Anatomy is on. So furniture it is....

Today, Scott and I carried 10 pieces of eco-friendly white maple plywood to my front lawn with a sign that says "free". Sadly, that particular type of plywood, while very expensive and thankfully gifted to me after a mix-up with a previous order of wood, didn't make the grade when it came to building kids furniture. So it's out on its ear. It looks lovely sitting on my lawn. I'd be lying if I didn't say I have a slight urge to want to sit by the window and see who stops by to look at it and hopefully pick it up. But I know I'll get defensive if someone drives by and looks but then keeps going. It's that same feeling you get when you hold a garage sale and people snub their noses at your junk. I can't help but want to give them the stink-eye. But a few seconds later, I'm throwing an old purse in for free on top of beat up stroller they just bought from me.

All I have to say is someone better pick it up because the thought of carrying it back to the garage makes me want to throw up. And possibly offer something else for free to entice people to pick up the free wood. What's wrong with me?!??!

Off to sit by the window...


Oh my aching everything

When I got this hair-brained idea to make furniture, I failed to take into consideration that it's actually manual labor. A lot of manual labor. And those 4 x 8 sheets of lumber are a lot heavier than one would think. So a year into Mod Mom Furniture and I've developed sciatica (from leaning over a work table that wasn't tall enough...duh) and the carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand is back which affects my jigsawing abilities. I know...I know...YES, I'd love some cheese with that whine!

I can already tell this will be one of those nights when I flop into bed and Scott looks at me with that look... the same one that gave me two children...and I promptly give him back my look that says touch me and you die.


Table Saw Assembly Day!

I just ran in to sit down for a second. I had to assemble my new table saw today and (fingers crossed) so far, so good. I even put the safety guard over the blade so I'm all "safety girl" now.

Gotta go cut some more....