Kin Community and Mod Mom Present: How To Build A Step Stool

Many thanks to the team at Kin Community for another great video production!

Check out Grace helping me teach how to build a step stool!
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Put on your safety glasses and venture into the amazing world of woodworking! MOMtrepreneur, Kiersten Hathcock of ModMomFurniture.com offers an easy to follow tutorial on how to create your own step stool. She shares clever ways for your kids to participate in the project and create a simple piece of furniture that will grow with them.

STEP STOOL Materials List:

Baltic Birch Plywood - 1/2 inch thick
Cut List:
(1) 13in wide x 11 in tall
(2) 11in wide x 10 in tall
(1) 12 in wide x 4 in tall

Miller Dowels and drill bit
Wood Glue
Sand paper


Life Path

This is the path I would walk in the morning with Scott while staying at his parent's house in Flagstaff.   It's the most beautiful scene.  Funny how I've always said I'm a mountain girl because walking these trails made me realize I really am.  There's something so calming about walking through the woods.

Or maybe it's because I'm a wood geek in general.

While walking, I had time to think about all of ups and downs of life and how much I've learned in such a short period of time.  Nothing an MBA could produce but more along the lines of life in general.  And people. 

I've been in a few situations lately where I've had to trust my intuition about folks I know in my work life and my personal life.  I know I've been talking about intuition quite a bit but it's really the most amazing gift, if you use it. I used to always give people the benefit of the doubt way too much and just squash those "ewwww" feelings.  Mostly because I was a people pleaser. Now, I trust my first instinct about people and nine times out of ten, it turns out to be spot on.  It's really invaluable in all areas of my life and I highly recommend paying attention to those feelings right off the bat.

So as I'm walking down this part of my life path, I find the most valuable tool in the old tool box has nothing to do with the mechanics of running a business.  And has everything to do with knowing myself and trusting my gut feelings.  


Kin Community Momtreprenuer Video Segment

Major thanks to the entire Kin Community staff for making inviting me to be a part of several video segments! 

First one is called "Momtreprenuer" where I share my story and some tips for other momtreprenuers out there building their businesses.

I'll be sure to share the upcoming segments which include how to videos for making a simple toy box, a simple step stool, and two of my favorite recipes that even my kids love.

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