Riley Paige - Pretty Custom Patterns

My client hit the jackpot with her choice of patterns for the Riley Paige I built for her. Look how GORGEOUS this turned out!


READ THIS BLOG: katie hatch [design]

If you're a fan of really smart, witty business and/or design blogs, check out Katie's blog: http://www.katie-hatch.blogspot.com/. She just launched it this week and shared information on the NEW BIG COLOR FOR 2011 as well as "How to Run Your Business Like Pottery Barn - Wall Street Insider Info."

Here's Katie in a nutshell (via her blog profile)....

I'm a furniture designer. I'm a businesswoman. I am a firm believer that designers are 'problem solvers', & that 'innovation' is a requirement of any good design, not just a buzz word. I follow trends, and forecast opportunities. A voracious reader, pod-cast listener, and blog reader. Globe trekker immersing myself in local cultures and languages while sourcing products. Mid-Century Modern Fanatic. Idiosyncratic Mind. Dog lover.

I think she left out "really open, giving, thoughtful person" but she's not one to brag. So I'll do that for her.



At 1:30am the other night, I. CUT. BANGS. Not hard core Heidi Klum bangs but just enough to make me feel like I was making a huge change, breaking a pattern. The bonus is that they cover the ever-deepening worry lines on my forehead. It's one of those things you do, and while you're doing it, you feel like a superhero. Like the bangs are gonna change my world. Here's what I'm convinced these new bangs will do:

1. ...will bring about a new job for Scott,
2. ...a mass manufacturer for Mod Mom Furniture,
3. ...a quick answer to whether or not our daughter has a learning disability,
4. ...an easy transition for my son in his new school
5. ...bring world peace.

Oh, and lastly, make the SHARK TANK casting process go smoothly. So far, in the two minutes since I received the "Congrats you made it to the second round of casting for SHARK TANK" email, I'm NOT FEELING THE POWER OF THE BANGS so much. DAMMIT, BANG POWER...ACTIVATE!!

Shorter, maybe they need to be shorter.