I'm starting off with the obvious choice given the title of my post today. Seriously, Elle Decor!!! OK, I really meant to start with the fact that my son is about five weeks away from "graduating" from elementary school. He's almost as tall as me, has an ever-deepening voice and says amazingly witty, spot-on things like, "Mom, as long as you have your belly fat and your good sense of humor, you'll be all right." God, I love that kid. Just can't believe he's almost 12.

Now, back to other important things happening around here at Mod Mom Furniture headquarters. I'll just list them because I've already had seventeen cups of coffee and can't be bothered to eloquently transition from one topic to another. Look! Over there! A bird! See. I'm all over the place today.

Elle Decor: Check out this cool article on Elle Decor's website about The Bertie Box! Here's the text from Elle:

Our animal roundup wouldn’t be complete without a kids-only piece. This sweet and simple toy box made from birch plywood is just the height for little ones but mod enough for the older set. We love the way this bird’s stick legs sit on the side while its orange body lies on top. Plus, its unusual design makes cleanup a bit more fun—kids can lift the lid via the cutout wing and stash stray toys in snap. Bertie Toy Box by Mod Mom, $475; DesignPublic.com

Green Your Decor: Ja' Naya's mom, Jennae, writes Green Your Decor and she contacted me about possibly donating an Owyn Toy Box for her daughter's room makeover. Ja' Naya is battling leukemia at age 4 so the family recently moved closer to her doctors/medical care. Jennae wanted to give Ja' Naya an eco-friendly room makeover and she made it happen! The last piece is the Owyn Toy Box which I will building in June. Check out the article HERE!

More to come on other EXCITING events here at Mod Mom! Crazy amounts of excitement around here like just the other day, I rearranged my workshop to fit a 12 foot high wooden jukebox. And the Fed Ex guy waved "hi" to me from the store across the street. It's a good thing I have my belly fat and sense of humor to help me manage.


Manual Labor

We're at it again! This time, in between orders, Scott and I are building decorations (think set design) for an upcoming fundraiser at school. We love doing it -- it really is fun to design this kind of stuff and for such a good cause....but (you knew it was coming)I'm finding it's taking more of a toll on my hands that I figured. Especially the painting part.

I may have mentioned this before but I'm the lucky recipient of a form of arthritis that will eventually disfigure my knuckles to the point I won't be able to do certain things. It's in my family and my mom suffers from it so I'm expecting it but I didn't think it would start at age 36. Thankfully, I picked a career where hands aren't really needed. :) I'm doing lots to combat it or at least slow the growth: reiki healing, glucosamine, vodka tonics but sometimes it's just a real pain in the arse.

In my next career, I'll choose something that isn't so dependent upon my digits. Like maybe the career where I order pina coladas from my beach chair. Care to join me? :)


Better Homes and Gardens - 100 Ideas Real Rooms

I was watching something extremely high-brow and educational on TV (American Idol) last week when I got a text message from my friend, Dia, saying that she spotted the Owyn Toy Box (on the right-hand side of the page) in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine she just bought.

It's pretty funny that I never really think about the fact that my furniture is actually out there living in people's homes. And that kids really use it to store their stuff. That's just crazy!

Anyhow, I have no idea which client's home was photographed for this issue but it's very cool to see the Owyn alive and well.