Interview on EtsyKids

(Julia, I had two beers tonight. Don't know what got into me. Tomorrow night -- martinis!)

I was very honored to be interviewed for the EtsyKids Blog. If you know anything about my story, some of it may be repetitious but there's one thing at the end that you probably don't know. Cuz it's the answer to the question, "what's one thing people might find surprising about you?"

Check it out here....


P.S. The photos aren't displaying but maybe that will be fixed soon.


Press Update

It's been a long time since I've posted (anything, I know) press links so I thought I'd round a few up that were published over the past few months and post them here. Thanks to all these lovely bloggers for writing about my furniture! It's kinda like Christmas when I get my google alerts telling me "mod mom furniture" was mentioned somewhere on the web. Some days, it helps me get my butt off my chair and into the garage. SO THANK YOU!!!

Bertie Toy Box
By bwestbye
($475) It’s hand-carved from eco-friendly birch plywood by designer Kiersten Hathcock; stay-at-home mom, furniture designer and founder of Mod Mom. It’s built low to the ground for easy kid access, with casters that roll where the toys ...
Cool Baby Gear - http://www.coolbabygear.com/

More Puzzling Toy Storage Pieces!
By admin
The tagline under this piece on ModernNursery says: “1 mom + 1 table saw + old garage = mod mom furniture ” That’s story behind Mod Mom Furniture’s genius kid-friendly storage units. They’re made with sustainable birch plywood, ...
Shawn & Frank Baby Blog - http://www.shawnandfrank.com/Blog

Attics and Playrooms
By Alivia's Momma(Alivia's Momma)
It has a built in bed at one end and sloping ceilings. I think any kid would like to play up there. Because of the ceilings we have to find creative ways to store things. I think these toy cubes from Mod Mom Furniture would be perfect. ...
The Extraordinary Housewife - http://extraordinaryhousewife.blogspot.com/

Tackling # 35
By Joslyn(Joslyn)
We're leaning toward this groovy toy chest (it’s made of sustainable wood from Russia with non-toxic paint by an ex-tv network marketing executive turned stay-at-home mom turned self-taught furniture designer/builder…Awesome!...
Simple Lovely - http://simplelovely.blogspot.com/

Fab Find :: The Owyn Toy Box
By E(S)
I am in LOVE with this toybox named "Owyn" made by Mod Mom Furniture. It is sweet, hip, and clever and it's made by a mom of two boys. Being the mom of one rambunctious little boy myself, I am astounded that she has the time to even ...
Fig+Sage - http://figandsage.blogspot.com/

My 10 Favorites: Cute Owls Alive and Well on Etsy
By Jackie
... Felt Bucket by Tiny Decor; Enchanted Forest Growth Chart by Tiny Decor; Olli and Lime Little Egg Print (available in lime, teal, or orange); Noah Owl Toy Box by Mod Mom Furniture; Avalisa Owl Stretched Wall Art (available in 9 colors)
Tiny D├ęcor Blog - http://tinydecorblog.com/blog

The Noah Owl Box From Mod Mom Furniture
By moderndaydad
As I've said here on Droolicious before (here and here), I'ma huge fan of Mod Mom Furniture, and it seems she's got a new toy box to show off. The Noah Owl Box has an owl lid with owl eyes for finger holes, is hand made of eco-friendly ...
droolicious - http://babble.com/CS/blogs/droolicious/default.aspx

There are a few things in my daughters room that I NEED. In order... a bed, a dresser, a toy box, a book shelf, and a rug (my floor is hard wood). That being said, let me get back to the toy box. There are a few things a toy box needs. In order...it needs to be functional, it needs to be deep, and most importantly it needs to be STYLISH!!! Actually it doesn't...but, if it did, we shall go to the garage Kiersten Hathcock creator of Mod Mom Furniture. Each piece is inspired by mid-century style and Kiersten's own kids' wants and needs. She uses eco- friendly birch plywood, non-toxic paints, water-based stains and low-voc, water-based finishes. To date, Kiersten's toy boxes are by far the most functional, design detailed, and unique in this industry. Thank You Mod Mom, keep up the good work!


I stink at this blogging thing

Apparently, I'm no good at keeping up with a blog. And it's about to get worse. We're heading back East to see family through next Monday so posting will be light to none until then.

But rest assured, I'll have some good photos for you when I come back! Like my daughter dressed as a whoopie cushion. Only the classiest for the Hathcocks!


A Simple Request

A few days ago, we learned that my sister-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. She's such an amazingly strong woman who I know will get through this but in the meantime, she'll be missing much work...if not all work (and salary), while undergoing chemotherapy treatments. When she's not a preschool teacher, she's running her own Mary Kay business. I'm asking everyone who's in the market for make-up and skin care products to consider purchasing them from Annis. And please feel free to pass her web store link to friends and family.


She can offer fast, efficient, and best of all FREE shipping (US only).

Your Mary Kay product purchases will be helping make up for her lost income and will help pay for medical expenses.

Thanks for considering this request! Please know you're making a difference in one very cool lady's life.


Apartment Therapy's Ohdeedoh Likes Owyn

Thank you to Apartment Therapy's site, Ohdeedoh, for writing about the Owyn Toy Box. Apartment Therapy is one of my favorite blogs. To read the post, click here.


I must admit...

...my entire garage floor is covered in saw dust now. What's wrong with me?!!? I (along with my trusty assitant) had it looking so good. Then after say, 6 toy boxes and 10 mini houses for my daughter's stuffed animal friends, it all goes to hell.

In a desperate attempt to bury my head in the sand, I decided today I'd just get the hell out of dodge even though I have three toy boxes due by Saturday. I had to drop off a Bertie Toy Box in Beverly Hills at the offices of Baby Couture, the leading fashion magazine for babies who like couture. I didn't know there was such a thing either until a couple of months ago. Maybe because my kids aren't into couture so much and their mom only shops at Target...and occasionally True Religion for those jeans I wear 365 days a year. Anyhow, it's a cool magazine, if you're into design and fashion for kids. I'm hoping it will be (as positioned to me the the editor) in the Holiday Shopping Issue coming out in November or December, I guessing.

Can I just say that my filthy mini-van did indeed look a bit out of place next to the Beverly Hills BMWs and Mercedes. But I drove it proudly!! No, I didn't see any celebrities and no, I wasn't discovered by an agent while sitting at a red light. They'd have you believe that happens all the time out here but it doesn't.
(P.S. If you're an agent and saw me at the corner of Beverly Drive and Coldwater, call me!)


Today, I haven't....

...washed my dirty hair or put on make-up and feel as grimy and sawdust covered as ever but it doesn't matter. Know why?

I got a message from Land of Nod. You know the company owned by Crate and Barrel that sends out those super cute catalogues with really nice kids gear and furniture? We are talking about the possibility of me designing something exclusively for them. We're still trying to flush it all out so hopefully I'll have more news later from the Land of Mod. Bad joke, I know.

Also, just to make my head a tiny bit bigger than it was on Friday, I woke up on Saturday morning to my toy box being featured on TBS' Movie and A Makeover. They offered playroom makeover suggestions during Legally Blonde 2. I felt like a proud mom! And Brian, the designer, referred to the Bertie Box as "from Mod Mom Furniture." Just like he said, and "this roll-top toy box from Offi." Like I was a legit company. I felt so, well, legit!

I'll feel legit until tomorrow when someone asks what I do and I tell them. Then I say the company name and they stare blankly at me and ask if Scott does all the hard work and table sawing for me. :)


A Great Mod Find: Dallas Shaw

Being that you're all mod fans, I wanted to pass along a great artist named Dallas Shaw. She just designed the modern baby block print you see above, among many other pieces, and it's available for sale on Etsy. You can specify what month you'd like (and the wording in the corner changes by month: march darling, june bug, december baby,etc). Seriously, how cute is this print?!?!

For more info on Dallas Shaw, go to www.dallasshaw.com. For an inside look at the artist and her dogs, go to www.dillydallas.blogspot.com.

On a mod mom note....still knee deep in building!


A few favorites...

I'm dog tired and literally have nothing new to say about woodworking other than I'm STILL building toy box after toy box. On most days, I feel very lucky about that. Some days when I'm being a real whiner I remember what it was like to lunch in high heels and say important things during important meetings.

For today's post, I have nothing of real importance other than to list a few of my new favorite things....

1. I love the blog Notes From The Trenches! Chris is a brilliant, very funny writer.

2. AS SEEN ON TV...PediPaws. Clips your dogs nails without clipping. Grinding is actually what it does so your dog doesn't freak out.

3. True Religion jeans. You can wear them day after day for a year and only on the 367th day, will a hole appear in the inseam. Really, I've tried it.

4. The movie Ice Castles. Wonder where Robbie Benson is now?!? (Get ready Oonagh!)

5. My Neil Diamond souvenir necklace that my good friend Laurel (who happens to be on Neil's staff) gave to me at the concert. I wear it with everything. Big silver guitar pick hanging on a chain around my neck. :)