What a NEW Year!!

Happy New Year!!  23 days late!  Hope you're all over your resolutions to lose weight and stop drinking caffeine (or vodka).  I know I am!  I started out strong but one massive cold sent me climbing back into the comfy couch and out of my running shoes. I know I'll kick it into gear right after I eat way too much in Vegas this weekend. :)

I am so excited about this new year of ours.  It feels different than other years for many reasons but one of them being because I finally came to terms with the fact that as much as I want to believe I can think outside of my furniture box, I've found it's really hard to just that.  It's difficult to think bigger than what I've always done. Thank goodness I know some new-to-Mod-Mom folks (who believe in what we're doing) and existing team members who have so many amazing ideas and so much already in the works that I can now step back a bit from the day-to-day inner workings and look at the bigger picture.  In order to grow the way we know Mod Mom can, we need collaboration.  As a woman who always handled everything for MMF, it surprised me how hard it was to let go of a little of that control.  But I know that I do not have all the answers and I don't have all the ideas, so we're starting 2013 off with lots of new connections, new design ideas, and a team of people who believe in what we're doing and our avenues for growth.

Now back to Vegas....

We are heading to Vegas on Saturday for the Las Vegas World Market International Home Furnishings Show.  I'm really honored to be among a handful of people being awarded WITH IT WOW Awards on Sunday night.  We have lots of meetings lined up and a little mechanical bull riding as well.  Ya know. Cuz that's what you do when you go to Vegas.

Both Mod Mom Furniture and The Little Light Project are really growing in ways I never thought possible. And I couldn't be happier.   I'll continue to keep following my heart and opening my mind to lots of new ideas and partnerships.  Saying I'm grateful for the people in my life on both the Mod Mom front and with the volunteer work I'm doing would be an understatement.  I believe if you're in alignment with what you're guided to do in life, the Universe conspires with you, not against you.  And in this new year, the Universe hit a home run with the folks I call business partners, mentors, and friends.  

May 2013 be starting off as fabulous for you as it has for me.  Minus the illness part, of course.



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