A few posts back I very sincerely said I'd be writing more on this blog and I really did mean it. Somehow, however, summertime got in the way. And in a very good way, it slowed me down and gave me better perspective. It's hard for me to stay in the moment like all wise people say to do especially since I'm always looking ahead on my production schedule. On a weekly basis, I'm plotting what I need to order, what I need to build, and planning what DVR shows to watch while I'm polyurethane-ing. But lately, I've been swinging on my porch swing, playing in the ocean, and reading books that most people read four years ago. And it turns out, I really like not being on the move every second.

I keep trying to plot what I want to do next with Mod Mom Furniture but every time I get close to making a step towards growing the business, I remember how nice it is to just be. So for now, I'm gonna build a few toy boxes per week, take my kids who are constantly bored despite a trampoline and Wii to see Karate Kid and Shrek, get lots of use out of my new wetsuit and boogie board, and drag my friends who think Twilight is unbearable to see Eclipse. Meet the new and improved summertime Kiersten.