Bloody Hot

A bloody nose has been my new workshop sidekick. I wished for R.P. helping me in my garage but I got a bloody nose and friends being evacuated because of the La Canada Flintridge fire. I'm now refusing to hand over any more coins to the fountain. It's been unbelievably hot here (plus the fires close by) so my workshop is a toasty 100+ degrees and all I can think when I'm opening the garage door is why am I doing this? The air quality is so bad right now -- there's ash on everything that hasn't moved for 10 minutes. But I do anyway because if I don't, after a few hours in a closed garage with no cracked windows, I'm roasting and can't see through the veil of sawdust particles in the air.

I can remember back when I worked in a tall office building in downtown Chicago, we had a very different kind of pollutant scare. Someone sent fake anthrax to the office so naturally we were all sent home while the HAZMAT team examined the envelope and its powdery, white contents. It was a weird, scary feeling to think you may have just inhaled something horribly toxic. Ironically, living in LA with its gorgeous scenery and mostly blue skies, I forget that everyday I'm breathing in some form of toxic agent whether it be the smog, fire ash, or sawdust.

I'm thinking a nice mountain cabin in Colorado sounds really good right about now.


Lucky Diaz -- Musical Genius and Mod Mom Supporter

A few years back, when I first started Mod Mom Furniture, I posted a note on a site called Apartment Therapy, where loads of design-minded people go for inspiration. A super nice guy named Lucky offered to help me with a marketing piece (for free) that I had attached but wasn't functioning properly so no one could see anything I was talking about. I figured he lived in NYC but after a phone conversation, learned that not only did he live in LA but he loved what I was doing and genuinely wanted to help. That's not something that happens everyday. I built a few pieces for his adorable daughter in exchange for his web design experience. I think I got the better deal out of it. He designed my first fully functioning website in addition to fighting the good fight against some folks who weren't quite on board with what I was doing...without a design degree...in my garage. He's always been a huge supporter and I can't thank him enough for that.

Fast forward to a few years later when I learn that not only is he an amazing visual artist but he's also an extremely talented musician/singer/songwriter. Scott and I went to see him perform a couple of times and sat there in the audience like proud family members.

You couldn't find a cooler guy. A more genuine guy. And I couldn't be more thrilled to promote his album, Rainy Day Dimes. He plays with a group (Hitchcock Soundtracks) and also on his own. He's also coming out with a children's album that I know his five-year-old daughter is thrilled about!

Check out Lucky's music at the following places.



Lucky Diaz was destined for a life of music. Born in December of 1977, lucky has fond memories listening to radio hits in the backseat of his parent’s Oldsmobile Station Wagon. His biggest influences were and still include music legends like The Beatles, The Velvet Underground, Elvis Costello, Marshall Crenshaw, Joe Jackson and Stevie Ray Vaughn among others.After studying the acclaimed Berklee College of Music, Lucky based himself in Copenhagen, Denmark while touring Scandanvia. He also started composing songs for other artists, producers and various film and television projects.With an innate talent and musical ear, Lucky writes songs that leave the listener moved by their sincere emotion and catchy yet creative tune. Although his roots are firmly placed in Blues and Roots Rock, he draws inspiration from many different lyrical and musical influences. He describes his style as being funky and eclectic appealing to many audiences all at the same time. It is that versatility that has landed his songs in music compilations and feature films.Now back Los Angeles, Ca, Lucky is currently a session guitarist and busy promoting his newest EP Rainy Day Dimes


"Oh Spud! I'm a chain!"

Remember in Steel Magnolias when Spud (Truvy's husband) drives Truvy up to her new second location of her beauty shop called Truvy's West? I knew you would. Anyhow, she excitedly says, "Oh Spud! I'm a chain!"

That's exactly how I feel seeing all those boxes stacked three high with their official Mod Mom Furniture labels.

I'm just finishing packing up the last four of the fifteen toy boxes that are making their way to Canada on Wednesday. They were purchased by the new store Baby Bot (www.babybot.com) which will launch in September. Babybot will be the official carrier of Mod Mom Furniture in Canada so if you're Canadian and you're having a toy box emergency, they'll be available to buy (no waiting period) in September. Whoohooo!! I know, it's not as exciting as a nativity made entirely out of sparklers but it's something.

While we're at it, here are a few other good lines from that movie I've been known to throw out from time to time...

"A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste."
"If you don't have somethin' nice to say, come sit by me."
"It looks like two pigs fighting under a blanket."

All this has me thinking I might just have to make a blood red cake in the shape of an armadillo to celebrate.


The Reason....

.....I haven't been updating my blog lately. Seriously, that's my living room. And there are eight more (as seen below) in my "clean" garage. You all knew I couldn't keep it clean, didn't you?


Childhood Memories

Today, I had to run out to a CNC wood shop that mostly cuts cabinet parts with its big expensive CNC machines. I've been doing this for awhile now. They cut some of the base pieces for me that way I don't have to run everything through my tablesaw. Anyhow, I had to take Grace with me and as we walked into the big warehouse of a building with all the machines going and all the guys waving hello, I had this sudden flashback.

I was elementary school age walking into my dad's weight room at the high school. He's been a football coach for many, many years and I couldn't be more proud of him. I have such fond memories of being in his weight room/locker room/coaching office, on occasion being on the field during practice, drawing pictures with chalk on his chalkboard in the athletic office during basketball games, and walking the field with him on Parent's Night. I could go on for days with all the little snapshots in my head.

I wonder if Grace will remember trips to the CNC shop like I remember trips to the football field during two-a-days? The smell of the sawdust in the air, the sound of the machines, the nice men helping me load wood into our minivan. But most of all, I wonder if later on down the road, she'll realize like I did, that those small moments shaped me more than my Dad or anyone could've possibly known. I hope she always feels like she belongs in both worlds. I just hope that she stays out of guys locker rooms until she's 35. Ok, maybe 30.


Neighborhood Friends

One of the advantages of working from home is that, on a occasion, you meet some really cool people who are just casually walking by your open garage. There's one in particular that I look forward to seeing by the name of Ray Kirkham. Ray works down the street at a paint store (and is brilliant at his job -- he's helped me a ton) so naturally, he walks past to go to his parked car daily.

Ray, who is of retirement age, shares his wicked sense of humor, wisdom, and thoughts on the world with me. He was even kind enough to give me a CD of his keyboard compositions. I think it's fantastic!! And I was honored he thought enough of me to hand one over.

Being alone in your garage gets old sometimes but knowing that folks like Ray may pop in from time to time makes it so much more enjoyable. Thanks, Ray, for always making me smile and for pushing me to get back to work when I'd rather chat with you.


Thank you DoMakeFindCreate!

Thanks to DoMakeFindCreate for this very kind article that I saw today.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Bring on the Toys

As any mother of a toddler can relate, the endless desire to find a storage solution for the growing collection of toys will make you crazy! I've used plastic tubs, baskets, bags... all of which I can't stand looking at. The backs of my sofas and chairs are now hiding places for eyesores. Today, however, I came across Mod Mom Furniture. This California mom's modern, handcrafted, eco-friendly toy boxes are so hip, you'll want to host playdate every week!

For ordering and/or a list of retailers visit ModMomFurniture.com