Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine: The Sequel!

I opened my mailbox to find another Pregnancy and Newborn magazine yesterday. And for a second, I thought someone was trying to tell me something. Then I remembered something about my furniture being in the summer edition. Low and behold, it is!

Thanks to Pregnancy and Newborn Mag for including the Noah Owl Box! And thanks to all the pregnant ladies out there looking at it and somewhat considering it for their babies' rooms.


Canada, Oh Canada

Mod Mom is international! A new Canadian modern baby store (launching at the end of the summer -- more info to come later) ordered 15 toy boxes to be driven by truck to Canada. I've been working on regular orders but have also had some help from an amazing local woodworker to help me produce all 15 in time for the launch. I am THRILLED beyond belief with this order for two reasons: 1.) the owner of the new store is a former client. She ordered them after receiving her Owyn Toy Box a couple of months ago. Nothin' better than that, right? and, 2.) it's one order for 15 toy boxes. At the most, stores generally buy two at a time.

I'm slowly, with loads of fear in my eyes, trying to figure out where to go from here. I'm getting requests from Italy, England, Australia, etc and have no idea how to fill them and make it worth their while monetarily. No surprise that shipping is through the roof.

So I'm slowly seeking out ways to partner with other furniture companies. Being such a design novice, I have no idea what I'm doing but I'm sure to get schooled on the internet, the way I do when I diagnose someone with a deadly disease that they don't have. Should be a piece of cake, right? Right?


Dwell Magazine - Product of the Day!

The Bertie landed the coveted Product of the Day spot on Dwell Magazine's online website. Many thanks to Jordan for seeking me out!!!

Here's the link: http://www.dwell.com/products/bertie-box.html


Happy Father's Day, Scott and Dad!

My two favorite men. Thanks for putting up with me. :)

Dad, I will always laugh at your jokes no matter how many times I've heard them.

Scott, I will strive to reduce the amount of sawdust and dirt that ends up in our bed. That's how much I love you.


The Real Deal

You're not going to believe the workshop make-over my husband did while I was fishin' (well...really just laying on the blanket) and eating beef sticks in Ohio. I was speechless when I saw it. Something tells me this guy still likes me after 13 years. He doesn't even seem to mind that I've fallen totally in love with Edward Cullen from the Twilight series that I read and finished over a four day span in Ohio. (No joke, all four books. And I normally can't get through a whole People Magazine.) Anyhow, back to the garage.

He surprised me with this complete redo. And now I'm freakin' out because it looks so damn official. Like I really AM a business. He even wants to put a TV out there but I said no. I can just watch TV on my laptop...or the Twilight movie over and over again for months on end until I realize that the movie isn't real, and those are just actors playing roles, and Robert Pattinson won't be walking into my garage workshop to help me sand furniture while he stares broodingly into my eyes. Sigh.

(Scott, you know I love you more than Robert Pattinson, aka Edward Cullen. Thank you for being you. And for working your ass off in my workshop. )


In Ohio!

We're in Ohio this week visiting my parents and my sister and her family (who are also now Californians.) I'll be back next week with more wood working craziness but this week it's all about Bob Evans, Friendly's ice cream, and everything else I love from my childhood in Defiance, Ohio.

Off to eat more beef sticks and real midwestern cheese!!!