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Q&A with Samantha Cobos of PUREMod, Director of Mod Mom Furniture's Upscale, Custom Offerings

Samantha Cobos (LEED AP, Allied ASID), of PURE Inspired Design, and Kiersten met several years ago on social media.  As self proclaimed fans of each other's work, they watched (and cheered each other on) as their respective businesses grew.  One day, while talking about expansion, they hatched a plan to put their heads together to design custom, luxury, organic soft goods and upholstered furniture that blended well with Mod Mom's existing lines.  And so PureMod was born!! 

We are proud to have Samantha on board as our Director of Textile Design and our in-house interior design consultant.  If you are looking to create a mod look for your home and would like to discuss custom design options for any room in your house, please reach out to us at info@modmomfurniture.com and Samantha will get back to you.

To shop PUREMOD, use the menu options above and to the side or click here:  http://www.modmomfurniture.com/pure-mod.html


How did you become a designer?
Becoming an interior designer was a career change for me.  After spending 8 years as a computer programmer, I slowly became unsatisfied and started studying interior design.  There were clues since childhood that I was meant for a more creative career, but necessity and the fear of the unknown lead me down the safe technical path of computers.  After studying interior design and starting my own design firm, I again became unsatisfied.  I got involved in “eco-friendly” interior design and could not find the products I was looking for in the current market.  I started sketching patterns and furniture designs, which lead me to designing my own line of organic pattern fabric, eco-friendly upholstery, and wool rugs.

What steered your design aesthetic towards modern?  Did you grow up with modern furnishings or just grow up liking the mod look?
I've always love color and modern patterns.  I grew up in Northern Minnesota before HGTV, I didn't even know interior designers existed.  While in college I became interested in all art including modern art.  I actually spend my breaks painting abstracts in both acrylic and oil.  One break I even taught myself how to batik.  I ultimately turned towards a modern aesthetic because of the clean, beautiful, simplicity of the designs.  I find modern more pleasing to the eye and modern patterns come to me very naturally, so it just feels right.

Tell us about your custom design work (Furniture, whole rooms, textiles, etc)...
Since we create all our products on demand we can give our clients exactly what they want.  For example, if they like one of our existing patterned fabrics but want it in a different color or scale, we can easily do that.  We can even go a step further and create a custom pattern specifically for a client and supply a test swatch.  The same can be said for our rug.  In addition, we apply the same process to our upholstery, we can change any of our existing styles by making it wider, deeper, higher, or we can design and build a total custom piece.

The beauty of our on demand design process is that it allows us to customize a total room where all the pieces coordinate perfectly!

Do you have any design tips/tricks when it comes to interior design?
  • I prefer upholstered furniture pieces to be a solid more neutral fabric and add pattern and color with pillows.  This way it is easy to change out your accent colors by just swapping out the pillows.  I also always do a mixture of square and rectangular throw pillows – it creates a more layered look.
  • Plan out your space before shopping so you don’t order items that are too big or too small
  • Lamps not only add light but they work like pieces of art or sculpture.
  • Rugs help ground a room and add warmth to a space.  And they can be placed over carpet!
  • Mixing textures adds interest to rooms – leathers (faux or real), heavy wovens, canvas, and soft chenille all add texture.
  • Larger accessories always look better than a bunch of small accessories, plus they are easier to dust.