I'm alive!

So you know from my previous post that I was buried in Shark Tank prep but filming is over and I'm knee-deep in saw dust again. If my segment gets picked to air, I should know before it does so I'll keep you posted for sure! The new season of Shark Tank starts again in January 2011 on ABC primetime.

Now, back to normal everyday stuff. Like the fact that a big Hollywood celeb recently purchased two toy boxes from me. I know, that's not really fair because it's not normal but it's fun to write. :) I'm continuing to plug away on orders and settle back into family life. Took one day off yesterday to get a massage (thanks Katie and Scott) and regain my strength. I'm so glad I did because I feel back to full furniture-building strength again. I'm settling back into family life again, too. My poor kids and husband have been without a mom/wife for the past month. Thank goodness for husbands who cook, clean, grocery shop, do homework, polyurethane boxes, shuttle kids to and from school. No doubt I picked a good one back in 1997.

More adventures to come from Mod Mom but for now, I have to get back to power tools and saw dust.


Weekend Update with Kiersten

I'm literally writing this with one of those plastic caps over my head that you use when you highlight your own hair. So if I don't burn off all of my luscious dark-rooted/blond/light brown hair, it's going to be a fab weekend. ( Remember this post about my in-salon hair color disaster?)

It's been awhile since I've written on this here blog but I have a million good reasons. Life has been all over the place lately. Good with the bad. Highs with the lows. To start, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. My dad beat a rare form of cancer near his eye more than ten years ago and my grandmother is battling lung cancer now so I feel like it's targeting the Parsons clan. I know it's not and I know she'll battle through but it really stinks being so far away from her.

Scott is closer to a job which is fantastic!! Fingers, toes, and well, everything, crossed. I've been hunkered down in Shark Tank prep mode as well as everyday Mod Mom business stuff. (I'll know soon if I made the final list but there's a lot I won't be able to share per my contract.) Expansion plans are moving in the right direction and I'm feeling like all the hard work will pay off sooner than later. A very large furniture retailer contacted me about selling my products and I'm busy filling out their paperwork. There are about twelve different roles they wanted contact names for and I was almost laughing because here's how it went down: Customer Service: Kiersten. Sales Rep: Kiersten. Logistics: Kiersten. Accounting: Kiersten. Manufacturing: Kiersten. Marketing/PR: Kiersten. It's a good thing I have all these people working for me. Thinking I'll give each one a raise.

Signing off for now because my hair will soon fall out if I don't get this cap off.

UPDATE: Only a few hairs came out. Operation blond highlights was a success!!