Day of Beauty

I've been knee-deep in furniture construction over the past few days but yesterday, at the insistance of my friends and husband, I had a "day of beauty." So basically, that means that I was in desperate need of a hair cut/color job and on a whim, after running to the hardware store, I stopped by a salon and asked if they could get me in. They did, I'm blond, and my hair is shorter than I wanted. Why does that happen? I said trim, she thought major layer. It's a good cut and it'll grow but SHEESH! I always get suckered into getting it cut shorter than I want.

After the salon, I headed to a place I never thought I'd enter. A tanning salon that has a Mystic Tan booth (spray tan so no harmful UV rays). We're heading away for a few days on Sunday and the thought of blinding everyone with my white skin (farmer's tan, really) at the resort was not coinciding with my feel-good vacation plans. I'm tan people! My legs may not be shaved but I'm TAN!

Sadly, since I couldn't get my feet wet for 4-6 hours after the spray tan, the pedicure I'd planned fell off my day of beauty agenda. So as usual, I'm not 100% put together. Shocking, isn't?

Goodbye day of beauty, hello day of sawdust!


carrie kim said...

That's funny! I think there's a short hair conspiracy going on at salons across America. My hair was cut way way shorter than I wanted last year and now I can't even go into a salon b/c they will inevitably cut it super short, no matter that I say I'm trying to grow it out. Hope your having a great time on your vacation:)

Mod Mom Furniture said...


You're so on the money with the short hair conspiracy. Maybe we should start a club for salonphobics. I'll be avoiding a hair salon for quite some time, I'm sure. And then I'll resort to coloring my own hair again which ends up with me praying, while rinsing, that only a handful of super white, over-bleached hair comes out in my hands.