Feelin' Good

I am so proud of myself today. I got up, worked out, and even offered to walk with Grace (as opposed to drive 100 miles an hour three minutes before school starts) to school AND take the dog with us. See how many things I checked off before 10am?

It's no secret I've been struggling with my diminishing ability to self-motivate. I think one thing people don't quite get (unless you yourself owns your own business) is that it's all self-motivation....every day...for three years. Sure, I have deadlines and a production schedule but I don't have set office hours anymore. Or a boss expecting praise-worthy work and praising me when I do well. There are days when I think, man, would it be great to know that if I work from 9-5, I don't have to think about this stuff until Monday.

Obviously, the upside is that I do get to be with my kids (and make money) which is what I wanted all along. And God forbid, if the swine flu closes our schools, I'll be home with them and not fear losing my job...or getting my pay docked like so many of these poor families in Texas whose little ones are home for two weeks. (Not that I think they shouldn't have closed the schools, just pointing out the logistics of it all.)

Just writing this today has given me more motivation to get back into the garage and work my tail off. Right after I surf the internet, watch a tivo'd Grey's Anatomy, make some late breakfast, call a friend, answer an email, and check Facebook.



Russel Trojan said...

I was self-employed for 5 years and I know the problems with motivation. What most don't understand, is that when you work for yourself, you are always at work. Even during social events your mind is considering potentials and possibilities. And yet, there is freedom to do what needs to be done with the family.

You have set yourself a difficult task and by all accounts are doing quite well. Good for you and there are plenty of folks cheering you on.

Mintage Home said...

this is my life too. Only, I have a husband whom is a paramedic and is home a lot and won't let me slack as much as I like.

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