Shipping Disasters

I'm still on "vacation" but I have access to a computer so I thought I'd write in about some recent shipping disasters.

Here's the part where I question why I'm shipping my pieces...during the holidays....and via UPS.

So I shipped out two toy boxes (mid-century style) before we left on vacation and was so happy to have everything caught up and a few weeks off from building. I unfortunately received two emails that said virtually the same thing...received the toy box but it's broken. WHOOHOO!!! I've shipped this particular toy box roughly twenty times and no issues until now.

So now the poor recipients and I are working through the UPS PACK AND SHIP PROMISE claim details.

Did I mention I had two glasses of wine at dinner?? Yep, that's how i'm feeling right about now regarding the whole shipping thing. I'm questioning it and noting which pieces hold up better when being thrown haphazardly from truck to truck.

Just when you think the whole "i own my own business" thing is running smoothly, something like this happens. I think I'll just go lie down and think back to the days of designing marketing materials and babysitting other people's kids.

Sometimes it seems A WHOLE LOT easier to just work for the man.


lovely lindsay said...

ah. the shipping gods suck. especially right now. that part about "working for the man" though. don't say that! it may be easier... but you, ms. mod mom... that is so much better. you're bound to have a disaster or two, right? the worst part is that a piece that you made... YOU MADE YOURSELF is broken. dang.

I am Jen said...

Seriously, I hear ya on that one! I've lost some packages in the last week and people are not always the most understanding. And the wine, yes, I've had my share lately.

Mod Mom Furniture said...

Thanks for the support, lindsay and jen! I really appreciate it and am feeling better about everything now. Naturally better and better after some wine. Hope you're both having a great holiday!!