My To Do List

I'm just now sitting down to my frozen meatloaf + mound-like form of mashed potatoes during my "lunch minute" so I thought I'd post today. As I'm sure you're all experiencing right now, I'm feeling a TINY bit overwhelmed by all the holiday + family + work stuff. So I thought this post might help me remember what I need to do today...

Does it look like yours???

1. Get kids ready for school. Dress Grace in unmatching clothes and a skirt that keeps riding up around her mid-section. De-geek Noah by mashing his hair that keeps sticking up on his head with hair gel.

2. Drop both at school and drive like a maniac to Toys R Us before everything is picked over and I'm forced to buy the "almost what they wanted but not quite" gifts.

3. Rush home. Write this post while eating something that says it's meatloaf but I'm not sure. In fact, it says "Eating Right" on the box but maybe it should say "Eating Shite"

4. Put together toy box that I've cut and stained already. Add hardware. Finish a second toy box with a last coat of poly and adjust lid support. Finish a third toy box by adding casters to the bottom and one more coat of poly.

5. Pick up Big N (that's what Noah calls himself since Grace is Little G.)

6. Keep working on number 4.

7. Do bills

8. I think I'm just going to stop this list now.

9. Wait...have a gin and tonic. If only we hadn't run out of gin....and tonic.

10. Ok, now the list is done and I don't feel much like doing any of them except #9.

I'm sure I'll have more get up and go tomorrow....right??? Right????

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lovely lindsay said...

on my to-do list: make a to-do list. i think i'm too afraid of what it will look like! i hope you got everything checked off your list today. and even enjoyed a nice drink... or two.