Family Update

Some of you who read the blog know us from school, are family or good friends. So you know a little about some of the recent medical drama that has plagued my sweet husband.

I won't go on too much about it and I'm mentioning it because it has affected my production schedule a bit (so if you're waiting for furniture from me, this is why I'm a tad behind.) My husband has experienced TIAs (transient ischemic attacks or mini-strokes) recently. He suffered one two years ago and spent four days in Cedar Sinai hospital. He recently experienced another whichi is the "medical drama" I mentioned above. The episodes last just a short time but affect his vision, speech, memory and cause numbness in various body parts. He's been undergoing tests ordered by his neurologist to get to the bottom of why he's having these attacks at age 36. So far, everything is inconclusive. And scary since we don't know why or how this is all happening. Hopefully we'll know soon.

He's armed with an aspirin a day and a wife who tends to his every need. Ok, that last part was made up. But the aspirin is true! To my customers, thanks for your patience. And to my husband. I love you and TAKE YOUR DAMN ASPIRIN...please.


kara said...

Keirsten, I'm thinking of you both. Neurological issues are so scary - but thank god doctors know so much more about diagnosis, treatment and cures than they did even one year ago. Our family's thoughts and prayers are with you!


Mod Mom Furniture said...


Thank so much for your prayers and thoughts! We really appreciate them. We'll get to the bottom of this. And you're so right about doctors knowing so much more now than they did a year ago.


I am Jen said...

Oh gosh...I do hope some conclusion is made so treatment can be done. You are a star and we are praying for you guys.

Mod Mom Furniture said...


Thanks so much for your message! We most certainly will take all the thoughts and prayers we can get. Thanks for thinking of us!!!


lovely lindsay said...

hmm. how did i miss this important post?? that's alot for one little family to deal with. i hope that you get some solid answers soon. not knowing is always the worst part. i will be thinking of you and your beautiful family...