Mahar Dry Goods Selling Bertie and Owyn!

Robert Mahar, from Mahar Dry Goods, could not be a nicer, more thoughtful guy. I met him on the craft show circuit last year and fell in love with his online retail shop and blog. He's the real deal - a former contemporary art appraiser with impeccable taste in kid gear, toys, furniture and clothing who carefully selects each piece for sale in his store. In addition to his shop and the blog attached to his shop, he runs a second blog called Junior Society which is such a great read! My favorite part are his instructions for the secret membership handshake. That and the fact he calls himself the Grand Poobah of the Junior Society.

I'm proud to announce that both the Bertie and the Owyn are being sold on his online shop, Mahar Dry Goods, as of today!

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julia said...

Congratulations on an Etsy Front page! If you want a screenshot, let me know, I made one in case you missed it.