Same Products, New Wood!


Seriously, it was a GREAT day! First Scott, Little G, and I made our way to Phillips Plywood to check out some of Columbia Forest Products' Purebond plywood. Get this. It's formaldehyde-free!! They use a soy-based adhesive that contains little to no formaldehyde, therefore it's environmentally safe. So I'm jumping on that bandwagon and quick! Nothing better than furniture that's super eco-friendly!

Anyhow, back to heaven. So we got a tour of Phillips Plywood and I even got a parting gift! I got to take home a couple of sheets of plywood for free! I'm working on a Bertie Box (see below) made from this new plywood and am thrilled with how it looks, works, and feels. You'll hear lots more about Mod Mom Furniture and Purebond in the coming months.

Did mention I got to see all kinds of plywood today? And Grace got a Phillips Plywood hat? It's almost as good as Disneyland!! If they sold cotton candy there, it would easily compare to The Happiest Place on Earth...for me, that is.

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Chris Ford said...

This is awesome. I'm going to blog this on Saturday on Droolicious on Babble.com (we're doing a "7 Days of Eco-Friendly Decor").

I love the new Bertie design too.

Here's where the post is.