Photo Shoot

Guess what I'm wearing for my photo shoot with the LA Times? Yep, if you've been following for a few months now you'll know I wouldn't dare wear anything other than my designer jeans that I SWORE I wouldn't wear to work in...that I've been wearing practically everyday for a month...to work in.

I tried my hardest to look presentable. My husband actually looked surprised when I came out out of the bathroom because it's been so long since he's seen me put on makeup and curl my hair and let's face it, really just take a shower.

Anyhow, I have to run. They should be here any minute and I have to practice sucking in my stomach for the photos....

Ok, I forgot to mention, the LA Times Home Section will have a small piece on Mod Mom Furniture for the Mother's Day edition which I believes comes out on the Thursday before Mother's Day. :)


Meril said...

You better wear the toolbelt! But seriously, congratulations on all the cool press and accolades. I love the new Bertie box. Is it me or does the new wood just make it look super smooth? I'm eyeing that table you have on etsy with the lazy susan for art supplies. So much nicer than the scratched up plastic Ikea table that now decorates our deck.

Happy early Mother's Day!

Mod Mom Furniture said...

Thanks, Meril! And yes, the new wood is super smooth. Let me know if you're interested in the lazy susan table. You can get a "i've read her crazy blog" discount!

alamodestuff said...

You'll have to post something here so we all can see. Congrats!

julia said...

Congratulations! That sounds great.
As for the makeup: I might just start using mine for my illustrations. At least that way I'd use some of it.