My Garage Life

My husband took this of me tonight in the garage. This is standard attire although I've been known to use the table saw while donning a skirt. (No heels, though.) I just go out when I have a minute between kid things and work away until I'm pulled away - no matter what I'm wearing. Cuz frankly, changing clothes would waste time. Guess how many pants have glue stains on them???

My one constant when I work is listening to country radio. I love all kinds of music but when I'm building/designing, it's almost like a drug. I have to it on in the background. I think I'm a better builder with a little Dixie Chicks or Johnny Cash playing just loud enough to not disturb the neighbors. My almost 5-yr-old daughter even knows all the words to just about every country song out there because she's always "helping" me when I'm working. I won't even go into how or why she also knows most of the words to Amy Winehouse's Rehab.

I'm finishing up a few new pieces -- a table, a chair with a back and stool/backless chair you see me working on to the left. They will hopefully be going in a store in Beverly Hills and (and on my site). I'll let you know if/when they land in the store.

Anyhow, for the two of you out there who are reading this blog, here are some new photos of new stuff coming out. These are by no means professional shots but you get the idea. Below is a kids' table made from birch and baltic birch ply with lazy suzan on top. Two chair choices: stool with leaves or mod chair with back.

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julia said...

Hi there,

just wanted to say that I really like what you do. Your stories make me laugh (even though I realize the 'almost-cut-off-your-finger story is really serious and should not be laughed about, but the gin and tonic part is so understandable...).