The Real Deal

You're not going to believe the workshop make-over my husband did while I was fishin' (well...really just laying on the blanket) and eating beef sticks in Ohio. I was speechless when I saw it. Something tells me this guy still likes me after 13 years. He doesn't even seem to mind that I've fallen totally in love with Edward Cullen from the Twilight series that I read and finished over a four day span in Ohio. (No joke, all four books. And I normally can't get through a whole People Magazine.) Anyhow, back to the garage.

He surprised me with this complete redo. And now I'm freakin' out because it looks so damn official. Like I really AM a business. He even wants to put a TV out there but I said no. I can just watch TV on my laptop...or the Twilight movie over and over again for months on end until I realize that the movie isn't real, and those are just actors playing roles, and Robert Pattinson won't be walking into my garage workshop to help me sand furniture while he stares broodingly into my eyes. Sigh.

(Scott, you know I love you more than Robert Pattinson, aka Edward Cullen. Thank you for being you. And for working your ass off in my workshop. )


zumajay said...

Holy Crap! That really does look amazing Kierst! That is true love! x

Russel Trojan said...

How could you possibly get any work done in a shop like that? It looks like you can move in it and find things and not be in danger of things falling. I don't know, he may be trying to put you out of business. ;-)

You are fortunate to have a supportive spousal unit. They make things a lot easier.

And if he ever wants to visit my shop while I'm gone he is more than welcome.

Darryl Masterson said...

I don't suppose you want to start renting Scott out do you? I could really use him in my shop for a couple days!

my wife is a huge twilight fan as well. I just hope the Owyn box doesn't get renamed the "edward"!

CK said...

Oh man... for rell. when people ask me where I make my stuff, i say, "what stuff? i don't make stuff. it was nice having you over."

if scott redid my garage, that's where we'd host such Nosy Nancies.

Mintage Home said...

how cool, it looks great, you are a lucky girl! I'm almost done with the final book. What is life going to be like when I'm done?

Mod Mom Furniture said...

Thanks guys and gals!! Darryl, I think you're onto something with the whole Edward toy box thing. How can I capitalize on the success of that franchise? Hmmmm.... :)

CK, they still have to go through the laundry room (scaling the mountain of clothes ALWAYS on the floor) to get to my workshop. Something tells me my Nosie Nancies realize that my garage screams SCOTT (Anal Dad as we lovingly call him.) Expect for the fact that he never gets to use the garage or the tools cuz I'm always in there.