hair today, blond tomorrow

Build furniture? Sure, i can do that! Learn web design? Sure, I can do that? And the list goes on...or rather, in my husband's eyes, the illness persists. I think I may have some sort of sickness where it never dawns on me that maybe me doing something isn't the best idea for the best outcome. One time one of the inserts in my shoes was lost so I was wearing shoes all the while feeling the connector brackets under my feet. I figured if I cut an insert out of foam and hot glued it we'd be all set. At the insistence of my sweet husband, I threw the 10 yr. old shoes out. Now, hair color. That's a different story. Thankfully, this time around, very few strands of hair disintegrated into a blond sticky mess on my floor, but that's happened before. I dyed my hair blond --think platinum blond highlights and golden blond hair -- the other day. I'll post a photo later today but for now, my blond hair and I have to go cut some wood.

Sometimes I wonder why I have such clear conviction that no matter what I try, I'll be able to succeed. I guess I should look at it as a blessing, but the countless things I tried to sew, fix, or paint, might think otherwise.


julia said...

I thought you were blond! And other than that: You're not the only one with that sickness. The only two things I can't do are putting plumbing tubes and electrical wires into walls.
Ahem. Maybe Vincent is glad I can't do that. Poor guy.

Kiersten said...

Julia, you're absolutely right. But I've always been blond without being really blond. White blond in places now. It's that blond that the hair colorist will never do which is ironic because I've gotten so many compliments on it. Or it could be it really looks like crap and people are stunned and horrified into saying, "I like your hair color."

Yeah for not doing plumbing tubes and electrical wires! I'm with you on those too.