Custom Shmustom

I rarely do custom work but sometimes I decide it's worth it to do a custom piece. Recently, a client asked for a custom piece -- Gracie Toy Box-like but with specific dimensions (4ft wide), custom walnut stain, short legs, and custom veneer applique across the top and OUTDOOR POLY. It was going to be used outdoors as a storage piece on a back patio. All was going well with it until I got to the outdoor polyurethane part. Even with a respirator, I thought I was going to pass out or puke. I've vowed never again to use outdoor poly. I'm very happy to stick with my low-voc, indoor poly on my indoor furniture.

Turns out, the stain color wasn't exactly what the client wanted so on a bad note, I'm out a lot of time and sweat. But on a good note, I'm kind of excited to create my own applique on it and see what i come up with. This is the first time this has happened (custom job not working out) in over two years but I'm really ok with it. Custom jobs are hard because they're so subjective. Most vendors are sticklers about custom work and keeping the deposit even if the job doesn't work out but in this case, I was happy to give back the deposit so she could get what she really wanted and I can have fun doing my own thing to it. I'll most likely sell it on my online store to local LA folks (or to a few people who've already seen the unfinished version.) It's a GREAT piece that can be indoor or outdoor. And it's not necessarily a kid's toy box.

I'll post a photo of it soon...well, as soon as I finish it. Because you already know it's a Bertie/Owyn/Owl week.:)


Darryl Masterson said...

bummer on the custom job. I'm sure something good will come of it.

Mintage Home said...

Hey, I emailed you a while back about doing an outdoor toy box. I'm local (Huntington Beach)and would love to see it. We need a piece to put all the kids outdoor crap in. Post pic soon! How much is it?
fellow IDET member

Kiersten said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm crazy swamped right now with several other orders but as soon as I find some time, I'll finish it and post a pic. It's a bigger version of the Gracie 4 inch tapered legs. Stands 20 inches high. Not sure on the price yet. Depends on what else I do to it. I'm kinda excited to do something a little different since I've been building the same thing time after time. :)