Sunset Blvd and Heels

Last night, Scott and I got all dressed up (complete with 3 inch spiky heels) and headed down to Sunset Blvd for dinner with a friend. During the evening, two things occurred to me.

1. The three-inch heels spiky heels hurt like HELL. And they make me 6'1". So I end up looking like a giant on wobbly feet. When did I lose the ability to wear those heels? Either my feet have changed or my tolerance for pain or both.

2. If we stay in LA, there's a chance my kids, when in high school, will want to walk up and down Sunset Blvd with their friends trying to get into bars with their fake IDs. We saw so many teens/twenty-somethings parading past us as we waited for our car to be pulled up by the valet. Here's what strikes me about that. I used to cruise downtown Defiance, Ohio with my friends and eventually we'd end up at the seedy, debaucherous, Burger King parking lot. That's not much different than Sunset Blvd, right? Yep, we'll be moving.

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