Adventures in New Table Saw Shopping...and much more!

Pneumonia! Table saw shopping! LumberJocks!

SO much has happened in the past few days I'm not even sure where to start! So this post will serve as a catch up post and will most likely make little sense and have no cohesion and MANY run-on sentences because I haven't slept much in a week. And here's why...

  • Pneumonia! Grace was showing signs of pneumonia last Monday so we, as good parents who didn't take the other son to the doctor until he had full-blown pneumonia, decided to take her in right away on Tuesday. The doc told us she didn't hear anything and that we probably brought her in too early and that it was probably a virus. Cut to Friday when we haven't slept all week and she's worse so we headed to an Urgent Care. The Urgent Care doc couldn't hear anything in her chest either but did listen to us when we said we'd just been through pneumonia with our son. He ordered an x-ray and sure enough, FULL BLOWN PNEUMONIA. She's getting better but sadly, is not sleeping well. So sadly, neither are we.
  • Table Saw Shopping! I'm in the market for a new table saw so I've been researching like crazy. Yesterday, I marched into three different stores to hopefully take home a saw. Apparently, having boobs and wearing a dress make it difficult for anyone to answer your questions about table saws with smart answers. The condescension in the air was palpable. More later on this one, I'm sure....
  • Check out the cool site I just joined -- http://www.lumberjocks.com/! It's a great place to get advice on woodworking. I'm now a LUMBERJOCK!
  • Nikki from Ohio wrote a very kind post on her blog "And Audrey Makes Three" on Friday. http://hudsonnews.typepad.com/baby/2008/05/friday-feature---mod-mom.html
  • Confession. I cut wood yesterday on my old, falling apart, table saw in the same dress I wore to shop for saws. I just couldn't be bothered to change clothes. No heels, though.

Whew! Ok, gotta run Noah to school. I'll be back with another post because I'm waiting for the world to wake up before I crank up the table saw again. This time, not in a dress.

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