The Almost-Cut-Off-My-Finger Story

So I mentioned earlier that I almost cut off my finger. I'm keeping a tally of mishaps in the workshop in hopes to not do them again, if I can help it.

I was building a bookshelf for my kids and was using the biscuit joiner (for anyone not knowing what this is, it's a power tool used to hollow out wood.) I STUPIDLY decided to brace the wood myself, holding the 3/4 inch ply with one hand and the joiner with the other, I drove the joiner (and it's really sharp spinning blade) into the wood but instead, the blade skipped across the wood. It then cut my wood-holding finger (ring finger) at the tip when I tried to get that hand out of the way.

Next up, I look down at all the blood and then start yelling for my husband who, thankfully, was home at the time. All the while he's helping me he's giving me that mixed emotion part mad/part worried look that says, "why the hell don't you do something like paint or knit." We bandaged it up knowing I really probably needed stitches. I then took some Tylenol and made a gin and tonic.

The story ends well because I (a.) had a gin and tonic, and( b.) the finger healed just fine with a nice scar little scar. Although two days later, I finally dragged the kids to urgent care with me and received a slap on the hand for not coming in earlier and a tetanus shot.

Naturally, after the tetanus shot, I went and poured a gin and tonic. That shot hurt for TWO DAYS!!! Damn Tetanus.

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