Over the years, I have met the most amazing people—international artists with more talent in their little finger than I have in my whole body! 

I want to share these fabulous folks with you and am starting with a new friend I met through Instagram. Not only is she an amazing architect, interior designer, and product designer, she's really such a beautiful human being in every way. 

Maria Luisa Perri Drago

Maria Luisa Perri Drago and I started chatting a few months ago after connecting on Instagram. A native Italian from Calabria, she earned her Master's Degree in Architecture from Reggio Calabria in 2010.  Sustainability is important to Maria Luisa as illustrated by her major in bio-sustainable architecture (Rome, "La Sapienza", 2015). She worked as a stagist at the "Dipartimento di Programmazione e Attuazione Urbanistica di Roma Capitale", as a tutor at "Mediterranea" University of Reggio Calabria (2010-2012), and as a researcher at WWF "Ricerche e Progetti" in Rome (2011). 

In addition, Maria Luisa won the "DesignFOR 2014" contest for her Cafe Table called "Circles in Motion." 

Her designs are inspired and her work ethic is phenomenal.  I'm very lucky she is bilingual as I know very little Italian.  It's such a gift to connect so much with someone I've never met and feel such admiration for her work and who she is as a person.  

When asked if she knew she always wanted to be an architect from a very young age, she said, "I either wanted to be a medical doctor or an architect from the age of four." Clearly, she's gifted enough to do anything she wants but her design work is top notch and a gift to the architecture and product design worlds. 

Did I mention she is also a photographer and does fashion design work?  Seriously, this lady has it all! 

A few of her designs are below.....

Cafe Table - Circles in Motion - Winner of DESIGN FOR 2014 contest.

View Maria Luisa's work at:



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Maria Luisa Perri Drago said...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Kiersten. Words cannot express my gratitude and my happiness. I'm so glad having met such a beautiful and lovely soul as you are. Luisa