You win some, you lose some

I've learned a lesson this weekend.

My best design work is done when I'm actually building the prototypes.  This past Friday, Fed Ex delivered an impeccably built Chase Toy Box design but as it turns out, I'm not really sold on my design.  The Amish construction quality is exceptional as always but I'm just not a fan of this piece.  Funny how the one I design on paper and don't build in my garage is the one I'm not really so sure about.  I think I've learned that I am very much a hands-on designer, at least when it comes to toy boxes.  I can design things on paper (beds, dressers, etc) and they turn out just fine but somehow, the toy box is surprisingly harder to make happen on paper for me.  I have to be able to see how the elements look together in real life before I commit.  I know what I want to do to change the Chase so I'll work that out from a design and a manufacturing cost standpoint (and will reveal it soon!) but I think the lessons learned are priceless.

Time to get some sawdust in my hair again!

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