Met up with Shark Tank entrepreneur, Shelly from SHOWNO

I'm proud to call Shelly Ehler a friend.  We met when she reached out prior to her episode of Shark Tank airing and I instantly knew I really liked her.  We even have similar experiences (job loss, struggle, building something from our homes, and our spiritual beliefs).   Shelly is the owner/designer of SHOW NO - poncho style towels for you and your kids. www.showno.com

We recently met for lunch at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in Hollywood and snapped the picture you see above.  To top off our fantastic lunch, we got to meet Little Richard who was seated one table away.  He gave us both books about "Finding Peace Within," which was amazingly kind and generous. And ironically, we were talking quite a bit about peace and spirituality over well, chicken and waffles, before a very kind gentleman in Little Richard's entourage handed us the books. It was surreal to say the least.

I'm finding more and more that amazingly good, caring, genuine people are coming into my life while others are or have moved out of my life.  And I don't think this is a coincidence.  In my experience, nothing really is a coincidence, not even the hard stuff.

I feel like Shelly and I, despite our past trials and tribulations, have found our peace.  And a fantastic friendship.

Don't miss Shark Tank on May 4th -  there's a follow-up for Show No and some fantastic things happening for Shelly since accepting Lori's deal in the Tank.


shelly said...

You are so awesome!! I feel so truly blessed to have you as a friend! Lots of fun times ahead...

tonya said...

I saw her episode on Shark and was really hoping she got a deal - was thrilled it worked out. Love that show- but more so, I really love to see nice hard working creative people get a boost with their business! How neat that you both were able to begin a friendship through the experiences you share!

Best wishes to you both!

Mary said...

I just watched you on Shark Tank and Googled your company. I look forward to supporting your business when I need to order a gift for an expecting mother. I respect and admire you, and you really are inspirational. Your blog is super cool, too!