The Finished Outdoor Feature Wall Using Old Pallets-- By Scott Hathcock

A few months ago I blogged about building an outdoor feature wall using old pallets....AND, NOW THE BIG REVEAL!

One significant change you will notice from the original concept rendering (pictured on the left) is that I ended up doing a patchwork layering rather than a precise lining of the planks.  I've learned it is rather difficult to find pallets with similar lines and wood types, so I had to embrace all types of pallet wood, including the split pieces.  But, with using so many variations of pallet wood types, one of my favorite outcomes is that it is texturally pleasing as well.  Weather will certainly continue to play a major role in the overall color pallet of the wall, so that should be interesting to watch. If we should ever grow tired of the colors, repainting will always be an option.  Vertical gaps left between some of the boards have allowed for removable shelving for the occasional row of candles.

I call her "Mod Pioneer." For no money and little time, I am very pleased with the outcome. 

For renters with small or large patios, the feature wall may be a great design option without breaking the bank or losing a deposit.  Free pallets are everywhere, so have fun and start creating something with them today.           


tonya said...

What a great use of pallets! Love the splash of color in there too.

My husband brings home pallets now and then and my favorite use here has been making shelving units (for pottery show displays)out of them. They fit right in with the rustic barnwood displays but they are a little more accessible than barnwood.

Anonymous said...

I love the finished design! Great job, Scott!

MacWillsoon said...

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Vaugh Sean said...

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