What's been happening in my kitchen/office/headquarters

I'm reporting from the headquarters of Mod Mom which is conveniently located next to a refrigerator with vanilla ice cream sandwiches and a living room with DVR'd episodes of Vampire Diaries.  But that's not all I've been doing lately.   Things at Mod Mom are really busy (in a good way!) with international expansion, new designs, and new partnerships.  Check out some of the stuff that's been happening below....

I had a blast as a panel member for WithIt's (www.withit.org) "Influential Women of Home and Design" in Las Vegas at World Market in January.  Pictured with some amazing leaders in home furnishings: (from left) Lori Dennis (celeb interior designer), WithIt President Julia Rosien, Kelli Ellis (celeb interior designer), and Kassi Smith, WithIt West Coast VP.  (P.S. I'm the one in the subtle green dress. :)
We even made the elevator doors at World Market!!  Surreal to say the least. We're the tiny faces on the left side of the door. :)

Sneak Peek of the new Chase Toy Box!  Coming very very soon!! It's also available in white with birch (see below).  Designs are registered copyright of Mod Mom Design, LLC.

This is the white/birch version.  Pictures to come.  The sample is on it's way to me next week! Designs are registered copyright of Mod Mom Design, LLC.

In addition, I'm tackling something I hate:  7th grade algebra.  Noah (our 13-year-old) is doing online schooling for just this year so I'm technically his "learning coach."  This makes me laugh because he's smarter than I'll ever be so coaching him is easy.  Except for Algebra.  It's good for me, I know it, but it's definitely outside of my comfort zone.  But so much of the last two years has been outside of my comfort zone so I know I'll be better for it.  And when someone out there is in trouble and getting out of their particular jam MacGyver-style requires the know-how of figuring out slope and y-intercept, I'll fly in with my cape on my back!!
thanks deeringmath.com for this photo!

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