What If I Own One of Those Large Enclosed Television Cabinets? By Scott Hathcock

Remember not too long ago when the depths of our television sets were more than 3 inches? Before the days of plasma TVs hanging on our walls? If you are like my family, you went out and bought a large enclosed entertainment cabinet (maybe even more than one) to hold your television and all the connected media gear.  Today, you might well be wondering what to do with that huge piece of furniture? Trust me, you won’t be able to sell it, so here’s an idea.  Paint it to work with your patio furniture and stick it outside. 

Our cabinet sits on the back patio and holds all of that “stuff” that couldn’t find a place in the house.  Here are a few potential uses for your “new” outdoor entertainment center:
  • gardening station for unused pots, gardening tools, and hoses
  • storing outdoor cushions and table cloths 
  • game and sporting goods station for all the nets, bats, balls, and croquet sets
  • hiding exercise equipment
  • earthquake supplies preparedness station

Wow…in our case and judging by the photo, it’s a combination of all of these, so don’t look for organizational how-to blogs anytime soon.  


Fullcircletampa said...

Ha! we don't own a flat screened tv, so ours (we have 2) cabinets are still in our house--pathetic!

Sally Campbell said...

I would most probably bully my husband to make it into a small dresser for the children or fashion it into an antique chair to fit our wicker outdoor furniture. The wood material of these old television sets are too nice to throw away.