NYC Marathon AND Twilight AND Baby Bot's Me Wee Tree, Oh My!!

So much of life is a mystery but there are three things of which I'm sure:  I will always be in awe of my sister's amazing athletic ability and mental toughness, Edward Cullen is the hottest, sparkle-y teen vampire EVER, and Baby Bot in Canada is headed up by two of the most creative people I've ever met.

My sister, Traci McMullen, and Hayley Strandberg, before the NYC Marathon!  Traci printed these AWESOME t-shirts (and one for me, too, so I can wear it when I eat Cheetos on the couch). They ran an insanely fast time of 3:57:46!  I'm so proud of both of them!!

Um...how can you not think he's cute.  Here we are when he used to work for me as an assistant in 2009. We were discussing the rising cost of lumber.  For more of me and my asssistant, go to

The creative geniuses (Renee and Michael) over at www.babybot.com put together this KILLER app for iPhone, iPad, and Android!  You can win amazing prizes from top notch modern baby brands like Oeuf, Wean Green, Bugaboo, Dwell Studio and Mod Mom!

Hurry!!  Go to http://www.babybot.com/meweetree and plant a tree!!  OR if you're too excited to even read about how it works, go straight to...

App on APPLE;


Can you find the Mod Mom Owyn Toy Box??


Babybot said...

Thanks for the shout out for Me Wee Tree Kiersten! We found the Owyn Toybox on the tree - looks so cute!! Hope you are growing a tree too - we want to see it! :)


Mod Mom Furniture said...

Babybot, Scott is growing our trees because I'm still in the stone age with my Blackberry. I'll get him to share them with me -- he's having fun doing it!:)