One more hour to go before I touch down in Cincinnati, Ohio so I figured I'd write a bit. I've exhausted email, Facebook, invoicing, prospecting, and researching medical websites on end of life pneumonia. I've always said, from the beginning when I started this blog in 2006, that it was partly therapy for me.  And I'm not stopping now.

Since October, I've been completely buried in details.  All the details you have to pay attention to when you're trying to grow a business.  Sometimes I feel like all those details are too much to handle and some days they make me feel like I'm accomplishing something. Today, I've got different details on my mind.

Moments.  Pictures in my head.  My Grandma, my sister and me sun bathing on her beautiful green lawn.  Her big gorgeous toothy smile.  The way she loved that song Just a Swingin' back when I had a Dorothy Hammel-esque haircut.  The way she used to rub my back..and now my kids backs when we watched TV. These are the details I'm covered up in as I keep hoping and praying I get there before she moves on. Only 54 minutes left til we touch down.

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I have some GREAT ideas to give you in response to this post, but don't want to post publicly.