Friends in Low Places

That tight jeans-wearin' Garth Brooks was onto something with that song of his.  While I know his intended message was a bit different than mine, I think "low places" fits the bill for us.

We've been so lucky to have friends and supporters (some we know, some we've never met) stick by us even when we were in very low places emotionally and financially over the past year.  The old saying about true colors coming through during hard times is, as it turns out, on the money.  We haven't exactly been the "fun couple" this last year yet a core group of friends weathered the storm with us.  You've helped calm our fears, offered encouragement, listened to our frustration, stepped in to help when you knew we were out of energy and faith, made us laugh and think of things other than unemployment and cancer, offered money and food, brought margaritas, and kept inviting us to parties and dinners, even though you knew we had a little less fun to offer than usual.  I truly don't know if you'll ever know what all of that has meant to us.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I want to especially thank a few friends and family members who have supported us (and Mod Mom Furniture) through thick and thin.  Many, many thanks to Katie Hatch, the my sister Traci and her family, my parents and in-laws, Lauren Tucker, Shannon Collier, Marty Petrone, the Boulais family, the Malone family, the Bagwell family, the Palmer family, Lorraine Lee, the Dowers family, the Caneday family, the Roberto family, Marian D'Elia, Glen Barker and David Whipps.

We're so looking forward to lots of sunny times ahead.  As Scott says, we're about to get a helluvalot more fun!! :)


The Dowers Family said...

Love You!!!!! You are a wonderful family and faith holds you together in the tough times. And as you have learned and the Dowers family has in the last year, the right people will be in your life at the right time...especially when you don't expect it.
Here is to a New, Fun, Exciting, Margartiaaaaa filled Chapter in Life.
Love, The Dowers Family.

Katie (Castleberg) Hatch said...

Kiersten- you sell yourself and your 'dramas' short--knowing you has been like having a front seat at a reality (unedited) tv show- this show has all the fundamental plot points outlined by ole'bill shakesphere, the only difference is that you haven't (yet) switched your speech pattern to iambic pentameter. But, knowing you- that will be next.

But...being serious for a moment for a moment, knowing you an your fab mod-fam has been the best thing that has happened to me in the past year. Your are a lesson in perseverance and calm under pressure; even when you are facing enormous hurdles, and then another gets thrown at you, you have always had a 'keep moving forward' vibe--it consistently amazes me, and is truly an inspiration (again, this sounds so sappy--but it's true and should be said).