And the Winner Is.....

Thanks so much to all thirty three of you who so generously donated money to help my friends who are struggling.  The over $850 that was raised was a HUGE help!!  They are now residing with friends who opened their home so they're feeling better about the future knowing they have a safe place to land and get back on their feet.  Thanks so much for opening your hearts and wallets. 

Now, for the winner of the Owyn Toy Box!!!  I took all thirty three names of folks who made donations and numbered them.  Then I used the random number generator below to pick a number between 1 and 33 and.....

Lori is a gorgeous friend (inside and out) from high school who lives in Ohio and is a UC grad.  Ironically, if you'll notice at the top of the random number generator, there's an ad for UC.  All signs were definitely pointing to Lori on this win!!  Lori, I'll email you directly and ship the toy box out on Monday.

Thanks again for your love and support!!!

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