Happy New Year!

Holy. Cow.  2010 has been a helluva year.  On a good note, lots of great stuff - like expanding production in Ohio and getting a chance to pitch to the Sharks on the TV show SHARK TANK- has made the year a phenomenal one.  On the flip side and on a personal note, we've endured my husband's layoff and my mom and grandmother's cancer diagnosis and treatment.  I don't think we've ever had a year where there were so many drastic highs and lows. One thing I know for sure, 2011 is really going to be a pivotal year in our lives.  

I'm so very grateful for your support and encouragement over the past four years.  I've met so many wonderful people from all over the world through writing about Mod Mom Furniture.  I now have dear friends that I've never met in person.  Friends that comment on posts and send messages that have no doubt kept me building and sawing on those days when it seemed like the best option was to just hang it all up.

All my love and best wishes go out to you and your families.  I hope you know just how much you've influenced my life and kept me positive.

Happy New Year!

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