But...but...I had to post my doppelganger.....

....so I couldn't do taxes, pay bills, polyurethane furniture, clean my desk, take a shower.

That damn doppelganger game on Facebook. IT MADE ME DO IT. It's now 11:22pm and a nice little Noah Owl Box is sitting next to me pleading with me to slap some poly on it. I think it feels naked. Maybe I will.

Right after I make sure I posted the right doppelganger photo.

(I proudly used the word doppelganger 4 times in this post, including this one.)


Melissa said...

Well....Who did you choose?!

Mod Mom Furniture said...

Oh yeah...guess I should've mentioned that. It was a tough race between Helga from that Gladiator show, Kelly Ripa but 40 pounds heavier, or Diane Lane. I chose Diane Lane at the insistence of a good friend . Particularly in movies where she's disheveled with no make-up.