Mod Mom Raffle for Haiti Relief -- Total Amount Raised!!

OK. I know you've been up all night stressing about the raffle and whether or not you've won (Russel) so I'll just get to the point. You won't know if you've won til after my son gets home from school and picks the winner out of the jar. I need to cut all the paper and do a the organizing of it so look for an announcement around 4pm PST. Also, I'll take photos and video tape it so you know I'm not just randomly pulling Oonagh Delaney (who has been so vocal about wanting the box on Facebook) out of the jar. Although, I think I should build her one just for her incredible enthusiasm. That, and the fact that she's family. :)

So in a nutshell, check back later today. Also, I'll contact the winner directly via email or phone or with the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes people so you'll DEFINITELY know you've won.

Now for the drum roll..........the total amount raised for the Red Cross......is....................................


It's really amazing what you've done!! When I put it up on the blog last week, I was seriously hoping for $200. But to sell $10 tickets and raise close to $1000 is really so unbelievable to me. Thank you so much for participating in the raffle!! I'll be making the donation later tonight via www.redcross.org. Here's a link to a recent article on the Red Cross website called Snapshots from Haiti .

(Photos courtesy of Red Cross.org)


Mary-Anne said...

Bravo Kiersten!!

Melissa said...

Good Work Kiersten! What a great thing you have done!

Kari Conahan Rm.5 said...


Martyne said...

This is so great, what you are doing! Your designs are gorgeous! I hope I win!cheap auto insurance quotes
This would go perfectly with the theme of my daughter's nursery! I just entered, and i'm going to share this on Facebook,