Finally....a NEW piece!! Introducing The Riley Paige Toy/Storage Box

I've had this design in my head for a LONG time. Just didn't have time to work on it. I'm still figuring out pricing and getting permissions for patterns but I'm hoping to have this on my online store within the next few weeks.

A couple things I wanted to mention and get your opinion on....

Current Options:
1. Casters or Mid-century style legs

2. Dimensions are the same as the Owyn: 29.5 inches wide by 14 inches deep x 15/12 inches tall.

3. I am going to offer several different pattern collections. So far I have what you see above (or something similar) and was thinking of a pink/mod blue/brown pattern combo. Can you suggest other color/pattern recommendations?


navotas-scandal said...

is this a tissue holder?

Anonymous said...

why not leave the color scheme up to the buyer, make them personalized so they can be matched to kids rooms, or personal likes or interests ?

One of your fans,
David T

Kiersten said...

Tissue holder...that's funny!

David, thanks. I'm definitely going to leave it up to the buyer but I can't give complete free rein because I'd be spending hours just hunting down the right patterns and that's not worth it for me given the time already involved in building it. I'll have a few options with popular pattern colors that I know are popular in the modern kids furniture niche.

Sari Shein said...

I love the pink/mod blue/brown combo- I'm drawn to anything combined with brown. Brown, purple & green work, too, if you've got the right tones. I've found the site kuler useful when experimenting with colors.


The option of legs & casters are both great- too much trouble to offer both?

Wanderluster said...

I think lockable casters would be great. How about white, red, and a turquoise blue for a color combo, like in this photo:

Dew said...

I'm for a blue/green/yellow/white combo, myself, but I also have a question about the "mid-century legs" -- have you considered doing a sort of stubby turned leg or a squat donut foot (yes, these are technical terms: I sew and paper craft, but am EMERALD GREEN with envy at your woodworking artisanry)? I'm just not a fan of the wood/metal aesthetic, but can get behind a locking caster, in a pinch (no pun intended, if there's one lost in there somewhere).