Pregnancy Magazine's Nursery Must Haves Includes The Owyn Toy Box

Being that I'm always on top of Mod Mom Furniture press, it should come as no surprise to you that the Owyn was featured in Pregnancy Magazine"s New Mom's Handbook Edition in September and I'm just now finding out about it. :)

Thanks to Krista Worth (of HGTV fame) for including Owyn in the list of must-have nursery gear for those woodland-minded parents. I just created a new catch phrase with "woodland-minded", didn't I?!?!

Check out this link to the spread on Krista's press page. It's a PDF files so it may take a tiny bit to load.


Mike said...


I've got a finish question for you. I'm repairing some montessori toys for my daughter's classroom, and I'll be needing to paint and seal some new wood. Any advice on making things safe enough for toddlers to chew on?

Mod Mom Furniture said...

Hi Mike! Thanks for your message!! Being that they're toys, I'd probably use shellac. It's non-toxic and durable. I found this link which I'll also use in the future. It's a great resource...


Hope it helps!


Mike said...

Wow, that looks excellent. Any advice on paints?

kiersten said...

Mike, I use non-toxic, no-voc paints from Pittsburgh paint. I get it from a paint store -- great stuff!