This post will suffer from A.D.D. today. My brain is all over the place for some reason so I thought I'd just jot it all down in case any of it is even the least bit interesting. In bullet form, no less.

* First off, a BIG shout out to Eamonn Gottlieb and his mom, Oonagh, for thinking of me when they came across an Edward Cullen doll in a local store. I'm now the proud owner of said "action figure." I literally jumped up and down when Eam gave it to me. I was the cool, furniture building mom in his eyes. Now I'm just the pathetic thirty-something with a crush on a fictional character. But whatever. Cool is over-rated. I HAVE A FREAKIN' EDWARD CULLEN ACTION FIGURE!!!!

* Scott's parents are in town and we're having a ball with them. And they're helping me out by keeping my kids occupied while I build my ass off. We had a Palm Springs weekend complete with lounge singers, more lounge singers, playing chicken in the pool, and poolside drinks.

* Sometime this week the production team that is working on getting a show sold in that involves me and my dear friend Oonagh will be here filming a bit more. And I have to do a few more voice overs. Why? BECAUSE I WAS CRAP THE FIRST TIME, I'm sure. Why is it so damn hard to sound casual when you have a a mic and camera in your face? Maybe if I stick Edward in my pocket, I'll feel better. I could go a WHOLE lotta ways with that but I'll just leave it. There. Right there. :)

P.S. I have to make it known that my husband saw the doll in a store and was going to buy it for me when Eam beat him to the punch. Since it's (I've) become the joke of our family, he's even hung up the Twilight poster in my closet without me knowing about it.


Meril said...

OMG. That was funny. I love Edward Cullen too! Does that make us Cougars for Cullen?? Glad to hear toy box world is going well. I just caught up on your blog after a few months of way too much facebooking and not enough blog reading. Love hearing your stories.

Mod Mom Furniture said...

Cougars for Cullen is brilliant!! Glad you're back!! And I hear ya on the Facebooking. :) Hope all is well with you!