In One Ear and...Stuck

(Yesterday at 2:30pm)

Grace: "Mom, I stuck something in my ear today."

Me: "You're not supposed to stick things in your ears, silly."

(Hours pass....9:00pm at night while cuddling on the couch with G)

Grace: "Mom, my ear still hurts from that thing being in it."

Me: "What? Did you really put something in your ear....really?"

Grace: "Well, I had this sticker that was balled up that was stuck to the end of my finger and then I put my finger in my ear cuz it was itching and the sticker just fell in."

Me: "Seriously?....ok, we have to look. It's really in there, isn't it? Holy cow, there's a balled up sticker in your ear."

11:45pm, Scott and Grace return from the ER/Urgent Care at Providence Hospital while I spent the evening nervously eating an entire box of saltines and texting Scott every two minutes to find out if she was ok. (Which apparently she was cuz Scott said she was dancing and singing as if her life depended on it in the waiting room. The extraction took all of 2 seconds and $100 co-pay.)

I'm praying she gets through today without another sticker just falling into her ear.

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Darryl Masterson said...

I can relate...

our daughter Lila came walking into the living room one night and said "my gum won't come out." My wife asked what she was talking about and that's when she spilled the beans that she'd put a piece of gum up her nose.

we spent a couple hours at the ER, but it only cost us $50!