Garage Rules

1. Don't use the tablesaw when you're tired.
2. Don't cut yourself with the biscuit joiner...again.
3. Be respectful of the miter saw.

These are rules I live by daily. Can you believe with all the potential hazards in my garage the scariest one in a long time is a BLACK WIDOW?!? I reached over a storage box last night to grab a sanding block and THANK GOD saw something hanging above it (right where I was about to grab.) Then I saw that red spot on the underside and froze. I was THIS CLOSE to grabbing a black widow.

Today, I'm armed with RAID and my bad-ass attitude. I've got Raid in one pocket of my tool belt (right next to the hammer.) Those bitches aren't gonna know what hit them. That is, until I see one, freak out, and run screaming from the garage. Ya, I'm just that hard core.


zumajay said...

Get Gracie in there..she'll scare out those lil critters..or she may actually want to keep it as a pet.

juliah said...

Ugh, I have seen only one in my entire life. In California. It might be the reason why I didn't stay there (even though the black widow didn't survive, due to a massive Raid attack, just like yours. But they do give me the creeps.).