Passing the Chase Test

(my nephew, Chase)

The best toy box tester EVER! He's got the climbing in, climbing out mastered. On to the smashing the lids together like a symbol part. Sorry, my sweet sister. Tell him Aunt Kiki loves him (and his new sis) and tell him to keep howling at the moon while swinging!!


Baby Cakes

I can remember back when I was little and my Dad made picnic tables one summer to make extra cash, I'd sit and play with the sawdust. I was damn good at making sawdust cakes.

I looked over at Little G yesterday in the garage while I was working on a toy box to see her playing with some wood scraps and saw dust. I asked what she was making and she said, "cakes." It made me smile...and run to get my camera.

Dad, sawdust cakes live on...and are now all over my garage floor.

(Totally unrelated, but those bangs she's sporting were cut by noneother than Little G in the back seat of the car on the way to gymnastics. Apparently, when your hair gets in your face, just find random scissors on the floor of the car and start cutting. Thank God she didn't give herself a mullet like last time.)


Got my Zen On!

I know, I know. How does one get any kind of zen with two kiddies running around and toy boxes to be made? Get the hell out, that's how!

Over the weekend, my friend Oonagh, whisked me off to a spa in Palm Springs for some R&R. Funny thing happened during R&R. Uncontrollable laughing and loud talking in places that were marked, "please speak at a whisper level." Guess I'm not really the serious spa type. While participating in an ai chi class (yep, I had no idea either)I went from being conscious of my inner peace to thinking about what I'd have for dinner and remembering my tax appt for Thursday in about a split second.
I know some folks can truly concentrate and be one with nature but this girl needs an US Magazine to even lay by a pool.

I did learn that all the wood working, real life, business stuff really does take a toll and in between getting told to be quieter and pushing people away who've floated into you in the pool, I really did get rejuvenated.

Sadly though, I lost 4 Lee Press-On Toenails in the pool. There's always a downside to going to a spa in Palm Springs, people.


BOHO Magazine Features Noah Owl Box

Thanks to Tiny Decor , a store that sold Mod Mom Furniture, the Noah Owl Box was featured in Boho Magazine, a quarterly magazine that celebrates all things eco-friendly.

I haven't managed to track an issue down yet so I have no clue what the text says below the Noah Owl Box but I'm hoping it doesn't say, "made by a mom who rarely attends PTA meetings, has horrible feet, and wears the same jeans day in and day out." I doubt it says the part about the PTA meetings, right?