Baby Couture Magazine Hearts Bertie

Picture this. My daughter out tonight with a head that looks like she's just woken up, stains on her shirt, mismatched pants, a face-paint apple (smudged) on the side of her cheek and boots that need a good washing. While standing there at Ross buying discounted towels for our new/old home watching Little G rummage through the discount bin, Scott said, "Kiers, she looks homeless AND parentless." I couldn't have agreed more. Which is all very ironic since her mother's furniture was recently featured in Baby Couture Magazine. Nothing about either of my kids screams couture. More like Target and "wow those are some seriously too-short pants." But not couture.

If you'd like to see some cool kid couture stuff that doesn't scream dirty, filthy kid, check out this link: http://issuu.com/bcmag/docs/bc_holiday2008-2009_sweetin-1?mode=a_p

If you go to page 33 you'll see the Bertie Box!

P.S. I did make both kids shower/bathe tonight. Ok, well, Scott did. I was in the garage cutting out a Bertie Box. :)