Happy Thanksgiving Week!

(The Gottcock Clan)

I just received a very kind message from David asking where I've been and hoping everything was ok with me. (Thank you again, David.) It was just the kick in the butt I needed!!

Things have been nuts around here lately. I'm crazy busy with orders, Land of Nod stuff, and to top it off, we're trying to move into a different home down the street. Good timing with the holidays, don't ya think? The kids have either fundraisers, drs appts, events, turkey dinners, etc. at school almost daily right now so I'm trying to keep up with all of that and sadly, that meant the blog fell off the radar. Please know I'm still sufficiently covered in paint, stain, and my Lee Press On toenails are falling off one by one. Scott's so proud!!

I'll have some new photos of some custom jobs in the coming week. And I'll try to post some Turkey Day photos too. We'll be spending it at the beach with our dear friends, the Gottliebs. So it will officially be a Gottcock Thanksgiving. Only one of our kids really gets that.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Darryl Masterson said...

"So it will officially be a Gottcock Thanksgiving"

you dirty, dirty girl...!

nice to see you back though. I'm glad I outlasted David on the "who wants to nag Kiersten on where she's been" list!