Painted Toes = Classy Lady

I'm back! From where, you ask? A carpentry/motherhood/birthday party black hole that has left me not even one second to shower - shocking, I know - or God forbid, paint my toenails. I actually painted just two toenails on each foot the other night before heading to a party. That's actually not completely true. I painted said two toenails IN THE CAR on the way there. Those four toes were the only ones that showed through my strappy sandles. But then I did what I always do. Tell everyone I know when they said my toes looked nice, that I only painted the few that were visible.

Anyhow, I'm still crazy busy building and getting ready for Grace's "Build Your Own House For blah blah blah (see previous post)" that I'm sure to go underground again tomorrow. But rest assured this classy lady will be underground with toes painted. Well, less than half her toes painted.


Darryl Masterson said...

you crack me up!

vyyvaa said...

hi, i'm a reader of your blog, a fan of your work, from kuwait. i wanted to write you a comment in case i forget where i found your blog :) this is brillian what you're doing, not only the woodwork, but changing jobs/lives.. it is deeply inspiring to me. i sincerely wish to do the same, i'm a 29 full-time working mom for a 6 month old daughter. i hope your husband feels all well soon. and my regards to all.

Amber said...

Okay, yeah, I must comment because I've totally done that. And more than once. I have a favorite pair of sandals/heels that my last two toes don't show and I've painted the first 3 in the car on many occasions! So hilarious, great post!