Már megint itt van a szerelem!

Thanks to the person who runs this Hungarian blog and apparently wrote about the Noah Owl Box! He/she posted about my furniture a few months back too. I tried using the online translator but sadly, couldn't even understand the translated version. If anyone out there does, please let me know.

Fingers crossed he/she isn't saying this is the most ridiculous looking toy box ever.

Have a great weekend! I'm inches away from being done with two toy boxes. The same ones I'll have dreams about shipping tomorrow. :)


Naddie said...

Here is the translation to the article!It might sound a bit weired but they have nothing but love for you. By the way it is very flattering!!!!!

“Love at first sight, again. We have already written a post of the Mod-mom furniture, but it is time again to give a minute of silent admiration to Kiersten’s craftsmanship and creativity. The Noah Owl box was named after her {here the writer uses master/woman} first born son, but was originally made for another child.
She imagines her pieces around natural wooden pieces and earthy colors. The owls eyes serve as openings to the box (to our visual readers: yes it is a bit morbid but “for god’s sake” it fits). The top of the box is ultra light so that a small child can easily work with it as well.”

panyizsuzsi said...

Congras Again!