"It keeps you busy" rant

"It's good...it keeps you busy," said the nice man at the hardware store after learning what i do. Really? It keeps me busy?? Like I have NOTHING else in the world to do and I'm just doing this to pass the time. While at the moment, it certainly doesn't pay as much as my old job at A&E, but it definitely helps! And it pays more than babysitting OPKs (Other Peoples Kids.) I did that for a little while after leaving the corporate world and landing in the very inexpensive city of LA before I realized one toy box equalled two days with an OPK. Maybe I should put that on my website with little baby icons and the "=" sign and a picture of my toy box. Now I'm thinking like an ex-tv marketing executive!!

Anyhow, back to my rant. Some men like to say the "keeps you busy" line to me even after they find out I have a 9-year-old and a 5-year-old. I think the next time someone says that to me I'm going to, with a smile on my face, say, "Yep, I made a million in sales last year just keeping busy." Or the more likely response to come out of my mouth will be, "Yep, it sure beats prostitution."


Carrie said...

Three men have said this to me in the past couple of days! Two in a hardware store and one from a welding shop. It irritates me too. Why do they say it? I mean what does it mean? It's insulting. This is a comment that would never be made to a man in my opinion.
Oh and I think your babysitting OPK's equation is hilarious. That would crack me up if you put that on your site or on business cards.
Have a nice Thursday!

julia said...

I think you should tell people it's better than prostitution. It's nicely clear and obvious.
But don't mind the fellas. Just think that there have been millions of girls keeping busy in this world, Queen Elizabeth being one of them.